X20-X35 Series 1252 Electric Forklift

The X20 – X35 counterbalance forklift trucks by Linde Material Handling represent a groundbreaking shift towards emission-free alternatives. These electric forklifts not only deliver exceptional performance and durability but also serve as a true substitute for Internal Combustion (IC) trucks.

With these innovative electric forklifts, customers now have a legitimate choice when seeking quiet and emission-free alternatives to IC trucks, all without compromising performance, even in the most demanding applications. 

  •   Lift Capacity 2.0 - 3.5 tonne
  •   Engine Li-ION battery
  •   Lift Height Options available up to 6.58m
  •   Range Performance Plus

he X20 – X35 forklifts seamlessly merge the strengths of both worlds, providing the same level of output and power as IC trucks while offering the agility, flexibility, and emissions-free operation characteristic of electric forklifts.



The comprehensive safety concept of the X20 – X35 electric forklift trucks protects the driver, pedestrians and the goods being transported.

- The slimline mast design, narrow A-pillar, and lowered front plate give the operator an unimpeded view of the load and surrounding area.
- When loading and unloading at higher levels, the roof design continues to give the operator a perfect view of the load.
- The truck’s low centre of gravity and high steering axle ensure a high degree of protection from the risk of overturning.
- Linde Curve Assist, fitted as standard, reduces truck speed on bends and prevents it from tipping over.
- If the load is tilted too far forward when lifting, the Linde Load Assist, which is integrated as standard, automatically intervenes to reduce the forward tilt and lifting speed  according to the lifting height. This function minimises the risk of accidents caused by falling loads.

The spacious and comfortable workspace for the operator and the ergonomic seat versions ensure an optimal operating experience and combat tension and exhaustion.

- Thanks to the wide field of view, the operator can easily keep both the load and the surrounding area in sight at all times.
- The truck functions can be operated with little physical effort since all of the central control elements are close at hand around the operator.
- Even on uneven floors, the ride is comfortable and even. The chassis is separate from the drive axle through an elastomer ring bearing and from the mast and steering axle by additional bearings, so the driver feels significantly less vibration and jolting. This also reduces noise, causing less overall physical strain on the driver and contributing to higher handling capacities.
- The X20 – X35 forklifts can be used for the most demanding applications, even on uneven floor surfaces. This is made possible by the wheelbase, which is long for an electric forklift, and the large tyres, together with the vibration-free drive axle.
- Neither dust, dirt, nor steep ramps, long distances or regular heavy loads or high lifting will push these new electric forklift trucks to their limits. The key to all of this is the new synchronous reluctance motor with permanent magnets (SRM+), together with an innovative water cooling system that keeps the power modules within the ideal temperature range. This ensures a consistently high performance even in extremely demanding multi-shift operations.
- The top-mounted tilt cylinder, in combination with the torsion-resistant mast design, offers a high residual load capacity and safe handling of loads of between 2.0 – 3.5 tonnes, even at considerable lifting heights.

The operator can view all of the important information such as remaining battery levels, warning lights, and operating hours at a glance from the 3.5 inch display, fitted as standard.

- Text information on the display guides the operator through simple maintenance processes.
- Firmware updates and fault diagnosis can be carried out remotely, reducing the number of service operations and servicing costs.
- Service and repair intervals are calculated on the basis of constantly updated operating hours.
- Wear and any damage that occurs are identified at an early stage by remote diagnosis. The temperature sensor integrated as standard, which continuously analyses measurements such as oil temperature in relation to ambient temperature, is one of the elements that makes this possible. Serious consequential damage is thus avoided.
- The mast and operator’s workspace are modular assemblies that can be replaced quickly and easily, reducing the downtime required for repairs.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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X20-X35 Series 1252 Electric Forklift

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