E10 Series 8917 Electric Forklift


Efficient Load Handling in Tight Areas

Linde Material Handling's E10 electric forklift is a compact and versatile solution for confined spaces. Despite being the smallest in its series, with a 1.0-ton lifting capacity, it excels in a variety of applications due to its well-balanced weight distribution.

  •   Lift Capacity 1.0 tonne
  •   Engine Li-ION or Lead-acid batteries
  •   Lift Height 3.6m
  •   Range Performance Plus

Featuring a short wheelbase and a slim 828-millimeter width, along with an excellent steering system, it enables seamless operations such as stacking, transporting, order picking, loading, and unloading, even in the narrowest spaces. The E10 also maintains stability with automatic speed reduction during cornering.



- Optimized design provides outstanding visibility in all directions
- Automatic speed reduction while cornering
- Protective roof against falling loads to protect the driver
- Increased workplace safety through optional warning lights such as Linde BlueSpot™ and Linde TruckSpot™
- Optional flashing warning light for maximum visibility


- Ergonomic operator´s compartment for high operating comfort and fatigue-free work
- Upholstered backrest for comfortable and stable standing
- Operation without changing the hand position reduces strain on the operator
- Low access on both sides of the truck


- Simple and intuitive steering for precise and efficient operation
- Low steering effort due to speed-dependent steering
- Optimum maneuverability thanks to narrow aisle width and small turning radius
- Ideal weight distribution ensures stable driving characteristics
- Optional second dual-command control lever for effortless reverse driving


- Easily accessible vehicle components
- Reduced downtime due to shorter service and maintenance periods
- Easy access to battery behind folding backrest


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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E10 Series 8917 Electric Forklift

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