K-Matic Automated Very Narrow Aisle Truck

Efficient Automation for Narrow Aisle Warehouses.

Linde's K-Matic autonomous turret truck handles loads up to 1.5 tonnes and reaches heights of up to 12 meters. Its smart geo-navigation system ensures safe and guide-rail-free operation, compatible with various narrow aisle applications.

Whether operating independently or as part of a centrally managed robotic fleet, the K-Matic excels in complex tasks, seamlessly integrating with the customer's infrastructure, like conveyors and packing stations.

  •   Lift Capacity 1.5 tonne
  •   Engine Li-ION or Lead-acid batteries
  •   Lift Height Options available up to 10.8m
  •   Range Performance Plus



- The navigation technology, laser and camera-based safety equipment steer the K-Matic safely through its surroundings, reliably detecting people or other obstacles as it does so.

- Equipped with emergency stop buttons, acoustic warning signals and flashing lights.


- This truck is controlled by Supervisor software that optimally coordinates the tasks and routing of all MATIC trucks in use. The system is compatible with all major warehouse management and ERP systems and converts the necessary materials flow into movement tasks.

- Trouble-free shelf stacking and removal processes are assured thanks to 3D pallet recognition with integrated distance monitoring.

- The laser and camera-supported safety system guarantees that this VNA truck can move around in areas with normal operating traffic without any significant loss of time. In this way the areas being monitored around the truck are adapted to the speed of travel and steering angle. If the truck has stopped because an obstacle has been detected, it continues with the task as soon as the way is free again.

- Changes to the work environment can be remapped in a short time thanks to the laser measurement stored within the system. A 7-inch touch screen displays robotic truck, battery and system status; real time task management and report; intuitive path localisation; service mode with PIN access and log extraction via USB.


- By entering a PIN on the 7-inch touch screen, the technician activates the service mode and can safely carry out the required servicing tasks on the easily accessible components.

- Truck data that is relevant for maintenance is transmitted via wireless link and evaluated by diagnostics software.

- The service technician is able to carry out forward-looking servicing, for example, wear and minor damage is recognised early, the required inspection intervals and part replacements are calculated and then planned, ensuring maximum availability.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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K-Matic Automated Very Narrow Aisle Truck

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