C-MATIC 06/10 Robotic Turtle Mover

Automated Transport Solution

The C-Matic, operating autonomously, boasts a load capacity ranging from 600kg to 1 ton. Its robust construction utilizes solid aluminum casting and an all-in-one design. With its suspended chassis, this robot enhances traction and drive force, ensuring stability and reliable productivity

  •   Lift Capacity 1.0 tonne
  •   Engine Li-ION or Lead-acid batteries
  •   Range Performance


Smart safety

- 360° all round safety protection
- Lithium-ion battery
- Automatic charging
- Front laser scanner protection
- Mechanical bumpers (optional)
- Lower rack code reading
- Front and rear emergency stop

Navigation System

- Accurate and reliable laser reflector navigation system
- High precision inertial measurement unit (IMU) module

Efficient Design

- Differential drive
- Electrical linkage lifting
- Point rotation steering
- Suspended chassis

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C-MATIC 06/10 Robotic Turtle Mover

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