HT100-HT180 Series 1411 Engine Forklift

The Nimble Heavy-Duty Performer.

The HT100 – HT180 diesel forklift excels in the precise, swift, and cost-effective transportation of heavy loads, giving you a competitive edge in handling performance.

Powered by a contemporary Cummins diesel engine, it ensures high torque and efficient fuel consumption

  •   Lift Capacity 10 - 18 tonne
  •   Engine Diesel
  •   Lift Height Options available up to 7m
  •   Range Performance



- Linde Clear View Mast provides best in class visibility. The location of components like cylinders, chains and hoses is optimised to give the operator the best possible visibility on the load and the travel path.

- Linde Load Control enables precise and sensitive load handling without the need of an inching pedal. The truck automatically adjusts engine/motor speed depending on load weight and lift speed requirements, which also saves energy as it avoids excessive engine/motor speed.

- Optimal visibility with an armoured glass roof and tapered counterweight.


- Maximised use of space and height, providing the operator with additional head and turning room.

- A deluxe seat with mechanical spring suspension and hydraulic damping.

- Low noise emissions in cabin when operating.

- Multifunction armrest containing Linde Load Control joysticks, that can be configured to suit any operator’s needs.


Despite their size and power, the HT100 - HT180 IC trucks consume very little fuel. This is made possible by the precise combination of efficient diesel engines and a hydrodynamic transmission that allows the truck to move and accelerate extremely precisely.  Additionally, Linde Load Control allows the driver to control all mast functions with speed and precision, thereby improving handling performance.


- A forward tilting cabin that enables easy access to the engine compartment and allows for quicker service meaning less downtime.

- Linde service monitoring system.

- 750 hour service intervals.

- Service free wet disc brakes.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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HT100-HT180 Series 1411 Engine Forklift

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