H20 - H35 Series 1202 Engine Forklift

Efficiency and Connectivity for Easy Maintenance.

The IC truck H20–H35 is a powerful, user-friendly, robust, low-maintenance, and versatile solution.

With a load capacity of 2.0 - 3.5 tonnes, this forklift excels in handling heavy loads during multiple shifts, even in demanding outdoor conditions.

  •   Lift Capacity 2.0 - 3.5 tonne
  •   Engine Diesel or LPG
  •   Lift Height Options available up to 6.88m
  •   Range Performance Plus

Smart design elements and assistance systems ensure top-notch safety. Additionally, the H20–H35 can seamlessly integrate with software systems like fleet management via wireless data transmission. It complies with the latest EU 5 (2016/1627) exhaust emission regulations and surpasses emission requirements significantly.



- Slim, asymmetrical mast profiles, narrow A-pillars, a spacious and well-lit operator’s area and the lowered front plate ensure outstanding visibility.

- Good upward visibility with narrow cross struts or an optional armoured glass roof.

- The truck’s low centre of gravity and a high-mounted steering axle ensure good stability when cornering.

- Linde Curve Assist reduces the speed when cornering.

- Linde Load Assist reduces the risk of tipping and loading accidents.

- The hydrostatic drive automatically brakes the truck to a standstill when the accelerator pedal is released, meaning there's minimal to no roll back, even on slopes — it also applies the park brake automatically when the engine isn't running.

- These trucks can also be fitted with:LED Stripes, Linde VertiLight, Linde TruckSpot, Linde BlueSpot™ light and warning solutions, the Linde Safety Pilot and Linde Safety Guard assistance systems.


- The steering wheel, dual pedals and joysticks for the Linde Load Control, which is integrated into the armrest, can be operated with minimal movement required.

- The operator is protected against impacts and vibrations as the drive and steering axles as well as the mast are decoupled from the frame and chassis with rubber bearings.

- A large selection of ergonomic seats is available to provide active protection against postural injuries.

- Features including air suspension, lumbar support, seat heating and seat ventilation provide additional comfort.

- The 3.5-inch display gives the operator a quick overview of important information about the truck.


- Dual pedal control and the Linde Load control joysticks guarantee precise control of all driving and mast movements.

- Interconnect frequently used functions via the programmable buttons in the armrest.

- Construction of the mast profiles and the overhead tilt cylinders ensure torsional stability and high residual load capacities for large lifting heights.

- The hydrostatic drive enables smooth and safe transitions when changing direction at any speed, coupled with a reduction in mechanical components (i.e no clutch, torque converter, differential or conventional service breaks) leads to proven durability and reliability even in the toughest of applications.


- The hydrostatic drive ensures a long lifetime of the internal components, as they are sealed and maintenance free, plus it stops tyres from spinning which results in less tyre wear.

- The hydraulic oil intake filter and coolant pump do not need to be replaced.

- The hydraulic oil only needs to be changed after 6000 operating hours.

- The powerful and robust industrial engine boasts maintenance-free spur gears, so there's no need to replace the toothed belt as is the case with car engines.

- The Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS) provides additional damage protection as do the Truck Health Monitoring sensors, especially in extreme outdoor temperatures.

- The transverse installation of the engine means the service openings are extra-large, so components that require maintenance can be accessed and replaced easily.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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H20 - H35 Series 1202 Engine Forklift

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