H16 - H20 EVO Series 391 Engine Forklift


Optimal Efficiency with Minimal Service Expenses.

The Linde H16 – H20 EVO IC trucks excel in challenging conditions, offering reduced emissions for both indoor and outdoor use.

These trucks combine a hydrostatic direct drive with robust engines and Linde Load Control, ensuring swift and precise operations and outstanding handling performance. Maintenance costs are minimal because the direct drive system operates without a transmission, clutch, or drum brakes, making it entirely maintenance-free.

  •   Lift Capacity 1.4 - 2.0 tonne
  •   Engine Diesel or LPG
  •   Lift Height Options available up to 5.47m
  •   Range Performance Plus

You can select from a variety of cost-effective engine options, including diesel, propellant gas, and natural gas, with the propellant versions delivering exceptionally low emission levels.



- The Linde Protector Frame protects the operator. The cab roof and frame form a spacious, enclosed protection zone.

- Overhead tilt cylinders allow for slim lifting mast profiles, giving the operator perfect all-round vision of the load and their working environment.

- Linde Curve Assist reduces speed on bends, thereby reducing the risk of the forklift tipping.


- The operator benefits from a generously-sized cab with plenty of legroom.

- Comfortable hydraulic seat suspension.

- Dual pedal control enables fast direction changes as well as precise, relaxed and intuitive operation.

- Linde Load Control enables precise and sensitive load handling with the truck automatically adjusting engine/motor speed depending on load weight and lift speed requirements, thus saving energy as it avoids excessive engine/motor speed.

- The operator can control all mast and lifting movements precisely and intuitively using only their fingers, while their arm relaxes on the armrest.

- The mast and axles are decoupled from the chassis thanks to rubber bearings, meaning only a minimum of vibrations and shocks are felt by the operator.


- The hydrostatic direct drive ensures delicate, smooth, and precise movement.

- Robust diesel, propellant gas and natural gas engines provide high levels of torque at minimal fuel consumption.

- All functions of the mast can be controlled right down to the last millimetre thanks to Linde Load Control. This allows for significant productivity gains in the transporting and warehousing of loads.


- After 3000 operating hours, service technicians check the tilt cylinder and suspension elements, and replace the ventilation, pressure and suction filters.

- The hydraulic oil only needs to be changed after 6000 hours.

- These long intervals are made possible thanks to a number of design details, including new high-performance filters, the maintenance-free drive axle, and the bearing of the tilt cylinder.

- The hydraulic direct drive is also maintenance-free.

- Easily accessible maintenance components.

- CAN bus diagnosis system.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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H16 - H20 EVO Series 391 Engine Forklift

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