Very Narrow Aisle Trucks: Efficient Space-Saving Solutions for High-Density Warehouses

14 May 2024


Engineered for speed, efficiency, and safety in compact environments in today’s swiftly evolving logistics landscape, the optimisation of warehouse space and storage solutions is paramount for business success.

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (VNA) have emerged as a transformative force in material handling, providing space-efficient solutions for high-density warehouses.

Unveiling the advantages of VNA trucks

VNA trucks are purpose-built to navigate through extremely narrow aisles, typically ranging between 1.2 and 1.8 meters in width. This enables warehouses to capitalise on their vertical space effectively, augmenting storage capacity by up to 30% when compared to conventional forklift systems.

Linde Material Handling – A Pioneer in VNA Technology

Linde Material Handling, a global leader in material handling solutions, has been leading the charge in VNA innovation. Their extensive lineup of VNAs caters to various applications, spanning from low-level order picking to high-bay storage.

Key features of Linde VNA trucks

  • Powerful Drive and Lift Engines: Linde VNA trucks are equipped with robust engines facilitating swift acceleration, lifting, and maneuvering in narrow aisles.
  • Linde System Control: This intelligent system optimizes performance based on load weight and driving conditions, ensuring seamless operation and heightened safety.
  • Linde Assistance Systems: Optional assistance systems like Dynamic Mast Control and Curve Speed Control provide additional stability and prevent accidents in demanding warehouse settings.
  • Energy Recovery System: Regenerative braking and load lowering capture energy, curbing energy consumption and enhancing truck availability.
  • Lifting Capacity: Depending on the model and setup, Linde VNA trucks offer lifting capacities of up to 1500 kilograms.

Impact of VNAs on Warehouse Operations

VNA trucks have transformed warehouse operations by:

  • Maximising Space Utilisation: Operating in narrow aisles substantially boosts storage capacity, enabling businesses to store more goods in a smaller area.
  • Enhancing Efficiency: VNAs facilitate quicker pick and put-away cycles, amplifying productivity and overall warehouse throughput.
  • Boosting Safety: Linde’s VNAs are engineered with safety features that mitigate accident risks in narrow aisles.
  • Reducing Energy Costs: Energy recovery systems and optimised performance reduce energy usage and reduce operational costs.

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks represent invaluable assets for warehouses aiming to optimize space, efficiency, and safety. Linde Material Handling’s VNA trucks set the industry standard, delivering a blend of performance, dependability, and safety that aligns with the requirements of contemporary warehouse operations.

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