A Series 5224 Very Narrow Aisle Truck

Efficient Narrow Aisle Handling.

Linde Material Handling's A series turret truck excels in narrow aisles, ensuring a rapid throughput. It achieves high-speed lifting and operation, even with the mast raised. This forklift can also simultaneously accelerate and lift loads.

  •   Lift Capacity 1.35 tonne
  •   Engine Li-ION or Lead-acid batteries
  •   Lift Height Options available up to 12.85m
  •   Range Performance Plus

Furthermore, it offers substantial residual load capacity and a range of camera and assistance systems for warehouse navigation, accident prevention, and efficient high-level handling. The A series turret truck features a modular design, allowing customers to customize engines, batteries, lift masts, chassis, and more to meet their unique operational needs



- Side seated operation allows the truck operator to have excellent view during both forward and reverse traction of the truck.
- Optional lane warning device Linde BlueSpot™ enhances safety by making the forklift visible with an LED spot.
- Optional personnel safety equipment (PSE) detects persons or objects in the line of travel via sensors on the front and rear and stops the truck.


- Spacious cab, comfort seat and intuitive layout of all controls ensure optimum driving comfort.
- Fatigue free working due to ergonomic positioned multifunction joystick.
- Intuitive operation without having to reach around increases handling performance.
- Full graphic colour display shows all information at a glance.


- Optional fork camera and crossline laser facilitate load handling on the upper racking levels and reduce the risk of accidents.
- Standard and triplex mast options are available up to 1500 kg capacity.
- A rigid, strong mast design helps reduce mast sway, therefore increasing truck cycle times.
- Energy recovery during braking and lowering reduces energy consumption.
- Easier pallet handling at height through camera system.


- The operator can check the truck’s status via the multifunctional display.
- CAN bus diagnostics enable rapid fault finding and repair helping to achieve exceptional levels of truck uptime.
- Easy and quick battery change with truck battery rollers.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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A Series 5224 Very Narrow Aisle Truck

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