Linde H25 Series 1202: Why This Forklift Is The Best In Its Class?

03 Apr 2024


Experience unmatched power, efficiency, and safety with the Linde H25 Series 1202 engine forklift, the ultimate solution for all your material handling requirements.

Prioritizing the operator's comfort and safety, its intelligent design ensures exceptional versatility and protection in any work environment.

Linde 1202 — Engineered for Optimal Performance

Adaptable to various tasks, the Linde 1202 engine forklift offers three distinct driving modes – economy, efficiency, and performance – allowing drivers to tailor speed and acceleration for maximum handling capacity. As the most potent engine forklift in its category, it effortlessly tackles any transportation challenge.

Featuring Linde's perfected hydrostatic drive technology developed over five decades, this forklift delivers precise and responsive performance. Its closed, maintenance-free hydraulic system efficiently transfers engine power, ensuring swift direction changes, effortless maneuverability, seamless starts, and precise loading and unloading operations.

Designed for the Driver

Crafted with the operator in mind, the Linde 1202 series engine forklift boasts a spacious cabin housing thoughtfully arranged controls, a selection of ergonomic seat options, and unparalleled visibility.

The controls are engineered for minimal physical exertion, facilitated by a multi-function, multi-directional armrest equipped with Linde Load Control, streamlining essential movements. Additionally, the compact, decentralized steering wheel ensures effortless handling, enabling drivers to maneuver swiftly and accurately with ease.

Unrivaled Safety Features

Setting the standard for safety, the Linde 1202 series engine forklift excels in its class yet again. Featuring a range of passive safety elements and various warning and assistance systems, including Linde Load Assist, it stands as one of the safest engine forklifts available today. Explore one of these features, Linde Curve Assist, in the video below.

Every aspect of the 1202 is crafted with Linde's comprehensive safety approach in mind. The sleek, asymmetrical mast profile and slender A-pillars, combined with a lowered front plate and a generously illuminated driver's area, ensure unparalleled visibility from all angles. View the 1202 here

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