T20-T25 R Series 1154 Electric Pallet Truck

Swift and Versatile Pallet Handling

The T20 – T25 R pallet trucks, equipped with a robust 3 kW AC motor, effortlessly transport loads of up to 2.5 tonnes at speeds of up to 10 km/h. When unburdened, they can nimbly navigate warehouse spaces at speeds of up to 12 km/h.

These compact forklifts are ideally suited for loading and unloading trucks, offering an elevated seating position that grants operators a clear view of both the load and their surroundings in both directions. Safety is paramount, as operators are cocooned within the truck's protective enclosure.

Thanks to their compact chassis, the T20 – T25 R pallet trucks exhibit remarkable agility. Intuitive one-handed controls allow for precise maneuvering even in tight spaces, and the innovative 'Tip Control' feature enables precise and intuitive one-handed operation.

Moreover, these trucks come with energy-saving capabilities, featuring an ECO mode that, when enabled, can reduce power consumption by 12 percent, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

  •   Lift Capacity 2.0 - 2.5 tonne
  •   Engine Li-ION or Lead-acid batteries
  •   Lift Height 0.125m
  •   Range Performance Plus



- Driver’s body surrounded by the protective vehicle contour.

- Warning light offers maximum visibility of the truck.

- Level compensation ensures stability on uneven surfaces.

- Optional load backrest to prevent falling loads.

- Rounded chassis steers the truck away from obstacles.


- Lateral standing position and padded backrest.

- 'Tip Control' enables precise and intuitive control with only one hand.

- Adjustable base plate for driver customisation.

- Padded handle and adjustable platform.


- Compact chassis for improved agility.

- Intuitive one-handed control for precise manoeuvring.

- Transports loads of 2.0 to 2.5 tonnes at speeds up to 10 km/h.

- Lateral seating position for optimum visibility.


- Easily accessible components and maintenance-free technologies reduce servicing time and expenses.

- Fast digital diagnosis via CAN bus connection.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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T20-T25 R Series 1154 Electric Pallet Truck

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