R14 - R17 X Series 116 Electric Reach Truck

Revolutionary Design for Compact Reach Distances and Doubled Space

The R14 – R17 X reach trucks introduce a groundbreaking design that significantly elevates performance, driving comfort, and safety. These trucks excel in the efficient handling of loads, capable of managing up to 1.7 tonnes and reaching working heights exceeding 11.5 meters within narrow rack aisles.

A standout feature of these trucks is the battery placement beneath the cabin, which provides the operator with double the space and an unobstructed field of vision through the mast, surpassing conventional reach trucks. The mast is permanently affixed to the chassis, and the reach travel movement is executed by a specialized fork carriage, ensuring exceptionally stable load handling.

  •   Lift Capacity 1.4 - 1.7 tonne
  •   Engine Lead-acid battery
  •   Lift Height Options available up to 11.45m
  •   Range Performance Plus

The low center of gravity, attributed to the battery's position, results in remarkable residual load capacities. The unique design with extremely short reach travel movements allows for narrower aisles in high rack warehouses, maximizing available space.



- Ultra-wide lifting masts, narrow mast profiles and the proximity of the seat to the mast provide the best possible all-round view.

- Optional armoured glass panoramic roof also provides a clear view of loads above the truck.

- Automatically engaging parking brake increases safety when stopping on ramps or gradients.

- Linde Curve Assist regulates the cornering speed of the truck depending on the steering angle, and reduces the risk of truck tipping when cornering.

- Four independent braking systems quickly and safely bring the truck to a stop in every situation.

- Wide range of additional equipment improves operating safety for example a camera system mounted on the mast provides the operator with a permanent view of the load.


- All-round view with the wide lift masts, as well as the intuitive Linde Load Control mast control make precise load handling easy and comfortable.

- Low battery position doubles the space available in the operator's cabin.

- All control elements for driving and mast functions are ergonomically integrated into the armrests of the operator's seat and are individually adjustable.

- Seat can optionally be rotated by 10° and the control resistance can be customised.

- The interaction of the individual elements and the very generous amount of available space enable particularly efficient and fatigue-free operation.

- Dual pedal control enables fast direction changes as well as precise, relaxed and intuitive operation.


- Unique design enables a compact chassis with a short wheelbase, giving the truck outstanding manoeuvrability, requiring less space for load handling.

- Short reach travel distance, the unique view through the mast, as well as the standard side shifter for the forks also improve handling performance.

- Low positioning of the battery under the operator's workstation and the permanent mounting of the mast on the chassis give the trucks a high residual load capacity and high stability.

- Dual-pedal control makes the trucks faster and safer to manoeuvre.

- Linde Load Control enables precise and sensitive load handling with millimetre precision ensuring both safe and faster working.


- Easy access to the key service components means that these Linde reach trucks are extremely quick and easy to service.

- Battery is easy to change using a pallet truck or the optional replacement stand.

- Maintenance-free motors.

- CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician so they can perform a quick diagnosis and adjust various parameters.

- Servicing is only required every 1,000 operating hours which makes these trucks extremely reliable and cost-effective.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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R14 - R17 X Series 116 Electric Reach Truck

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