D10 Series 1163 Electric Pallet Stacker

Effortlessly move with two pallets using the D10 FP and D10 AP versions.

D10 FP: This compact and robust double deck loader, with a narrow 720mm chassis and electric power steering, excels in tight spaces. Perfect for loading, unloading, and medium-to-long pallet transfers, it boasts a powerful 2.3 kW engine for acceleration up to 10 km/h. It can handle two pallets simultaneously, guaranteeing top-notch performance, and features a steel chassis skirt for operator protection.

  •   Lift Capacity 1.0 tonne
  •   Engine Li-ION or Lead-acid batteries
  •   Lift Height 2.02m
  •   Range Performance Plus

D10 AP: Offering both pedestrian and ride-on options, the D10 AP accelerates to 10 km/h while the operator stands on the fully suspended, folding platform. Its narrow chassis makes it ideal for truck loading, unloading, and confined warehouses. This double-deck pallet stacker effortlessly transports two pallets, weighing up to 1 tonne. The Linde OptiLift system ensures smooth and precise lifting and lowering, while safety features like folding side guards, creep speed, and automatic brakes ensure optimal safety and productivity.



D10 FP version:

- The operator is always within the truck's protective boundaries, ensuring safety in tight spaces.

- A steel chassis extends to the ground, guarding against minor collisions.

- Independent braking systems safeguard both the load and the operator.

- The entire operator's platform serves as a dead man's switch, applying brakes when the operator exits the truck.

- Automatic speed adjustments while cornering prevent tipping accidents.

D10 AP version:

- The folding stand-on platform acts as a dead man's switch, automatically braking when the operator steps away.

- Two folding side guards maintain the operator within the truck's chassis boundary while using the platform.

- The truck autonomously reduces speed during turns and when releasing traction control.

- An optional load guard prevents goods from slipping or falling.

Lifting systems

- OptiLift® mast controls provides accurate, fully proportional lifting as well as smooth, quiet operation
-  Soft landing of forks protects load when lowering
- Max. lift height up to 2424mm
- Max. load capacity in double-stacking use: 1000 kg on forks and 1000 kg on load arms


- 720 mm chassis width narrower than a pallet
- Compact and robust chassis for easy handling in narrow spaces
- A creep speed button ensures high maneuverability in confined areas when operating with with the tiller in an upright position
- Long tiller arm reduces steering effort
- Pallet stop for fast stacking of two pallets


- The durable build and maintenance-free AC technology ensure extended maintenance intervals and ensure the truck's high availability.

- The CAN bus connectivity simplifies the service process by allowing service technicians to access all truck data on a laptop computer.

- Convenient access to all truck components makes service tasks effortless.


  •   Stacking
  •   Transporting
  •   Storage
  •   Order Picking

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D10 Series 1163 Electric Pallet Stacker

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