Save Time & Money with Linde's Hydrostatic Drive Forklift

17 Apr 2024


The Linde H25 Series 1220 engine forklift is renowned for its durability and dependability, ensuring peak efficiency while maintaining low emissions and minimal energy usage, even during the most demanding tasks.

Discover more about rental possibilities for the Linde 1220 engine forklift here.

Smooth and Secure Performance with the Linde 1220 Equipped with a modern Japanese Kubota engine, the Linde H25 1220 enables ultra-efficient transportation of goods weighing up to 2.5 tonnes with minimal energy consumption, alongside reduced vibrations and noise levels.

Linde's innovative hydrostatic drive system ensures safe, seamless, and stable transitions during directional changes, regardless of speed. This system automatically applies brakes when the accelerator pedal is released and engages the park brake when the engine is inactive. With fewer mechanical components and sealed, maintenance-free internal parts, servicing is required only every 1,000 hours. Moreover, the hydraulic system minimizes brake usage, reducing wear on mechanical components.

Designed for Operator Comfort: Prioritizing operator comfort, Linde ensures a spacious, ergonomically crafted cabin for the 1220 engine forklift. Featuring a wide, cushioned, and adjustable multifunction armrest with integrated hydraulic control levers, operators can easily customize controls for seamless mast operation.

Additionally, the 1220 offers dual pedal control for swift direction changes, ensuring intuitive operation with minimal fatigue.

Leading Forklift Safety Standards: Linde's commitment to safety shines through in the H25 1220 engine forklift, boasting top-tier safety features. Alongside the hydrostatic drive, the forklift automatically adjusts engine speed based on load weight and lift speed requirements, guaranteeing precise and sensitive load handling while minimizing energy consumption.

Furthermore, the 1220 provides outstanding visibility, strategically placing components like cylinders, chains, and hoses for optimal load and surroundings visibility.

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