Recommended Load & Handling Weight Range for Forklift Safety

28 Feb 2024


Emphasizing the importance of forklift safety cannot be overstated. While it might be uncommon for a counterbalance forklift to overturn, the potential consequences are extremely hazardous, posing risks not only to the operator but also to other individuals in the workplace.

Forklift drivers encounter daily challenges as they handle various types of loads, often needing to estimate factors like load weight, centre, and safe lifting height. This reliance on intuition rather than precise data increases the likelihood of accidents, including collisions with structures and tip-overs due to overloading. Beyond the paramount concern for human safety, forklift accidents can incur significant costs, such as damage to warehouse infrastructure and disruptions to workflow.

To address these challenges, Linde has introduced the Linde Safety Pilot system (LSP), a groundbreaking technology designed to reduce accident risks and enhance the ease and efficiency of forklift operation.

So, how does the Linde Safety Pilot work?

LCD Screens: The LSP features screens that provide drivers with clear information about vehicle parameters, including safe load ranges, load centres, and acceptable lift heights. Visual and audible warnings alert drivers if they exceed safe limits.

Height Selector: Drivers can further enhance safety by selecting and adjusting truck functions. For instance, the height selector allows drivers to maintain control and minimize the risk of common accidents like collisions with doors and ceilings.

Automatic Truck Intervention: This feature ensures that vehicles remain safe by automatically deactivating tilting and lifting functions when the vehicle reaches its safe load threshold. Additionally, speed reduction dependent on lift height ensures that drivers travel safely and at appropriate speeds according to load characteristics.

One System, Multiple Functions: The Linde Safety Pilot integrates multiple sensors distributed around the vehicle, which transmit data to a central control unit. This enables drivers to visually assess load safety and proximity to surrounding objects, while receiving audible warnings and benefiting from automatic intervention to ensure safe speed and load management.

The advantages of the Linde Safety Pilot system are evident: safer workplaces, improved efficiency, and streamlined workflow.

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