Manual Pallet Jacks vs Electric Pallet Jacks: Which is Safer?

07 Feb 2024


Safety should be the top priority for all businesses.
Ensuring the well-being of employees means protecting them from both physical and psychological harm. Even if you're diligently creating a safe environment, without the appropriate equipment, you could still be jeopardizing their safety.

That's why an increasing number of businesses are opting for electric pallet jacks, such as the Linde MT15 pallet truck, instead of the traditional manual version.

Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Hidden Workplace Hazard While preventing sudden workplace injuries is crucial, maintaining a safe work environment also involves reducing the risk of injuries that develop over time. Musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) affect various parts of the body, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, and blood vessels. They can result from either a single event or cumulative exposure to hazards over an extended period.

While physical demands are a primary cause of WMSDs, organizational factors can also contribute to the risk. Task combinations, heavy workloads, and inadequate rest periods can gradually lead to WMSDs.

Given the paramount importance of staff health and safety, how can switching to an electric pallet jack like the Linde MT15 help reduce the likelihood of injuries or WMSDs?

Moving Beyond Manual Pallet Jacks Efficiency and safety have improved since the introduction of pallet jacks in the 19th century. However, the daily use of manual pallet jacks can still strain the operator's body, leading to long-term negative effects and a higher risk of accidents.

Some risks associated with manual pallet jacks include:

- WMSDs resulting from repetitive actions like stopping, pulling, pushing, lifting, pumping, and twisting.
- Inability to immediately stop the jack in urgent situations, as it relies solely on the operator's strength.
- Difficulty controlling the jack's speed on inclines or declines, again dependent on the operator's strength.

While manual pallet jacks have been reliable for decades, businesses must review their operations to ensure they're prepared for future demands, both in terms of productivity and safety.

Fortunately, the future of pallet jacks is already here, and it's electric. With electric pallet trucks like the Linde MT15 now affordable and available, making the switch is a no-brainer. Discover more about the benefits of transitioning to electric pallet jacks in the video below.

Embracing the Electric Future As you prioritize workplace safety, it's essential to ensure that your equipment meets your safety requirements.

Switching to electric pallet jacks offers numerous health and safety benefits, thanks to features such as:

- Powered traction and lift, reducing accidents and strain on the operator's body.
- Speed control for effortless maneuvering on inclines and declines, minimizing physical stress.
- Automatic park brake to prevent the truck from rolling away when the operator releases the handle.
- Enhanced stability with five points of ground contact.
- Injury prevention with a foot cover and built-in key switch for added security and operational control.

Like all Linde forklifts, the MT15 electric pallet jack prioritizes operator health and safety. With minimal exertion required to transport loads of up to 1.5 tonnes, a long tiller for operator protection, and a low chassis to prevent foot injuries, it ensures a safe and efficient workplace.

Ensuring your workplace operates as safely as possible not only fosters a happier, healthier team but also promotes cost efficiency and productivity.

Now is the time to make the switch from manual to electric. Check out our great range of electric pallet trucks.

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