How can Dynamic Mast Control help create a safer workplace?

09 Apr 2024


Storage space is a valuable commodity, demanding that business owners utilize every available inch to its fullest extent. With the costliness of storage, warehouses and distribution centres are increasingly maximizing their capacity by stacking goods on racks and shelves reaching heights of up to 8 meters, and sometimes even 13 meters.

The towering storage racks and shelves in warehouses pose significant challenges. Operators of high-reach trucks encounter daily obstacles such as maneuvering in tight spaces, managing mast deflections and vehicle oscillations, and the potential risk of damaging shelving, infrastructure, or the load itself. The task of stacking or retrieving goods from lofty shelves is both time-consuming and requires high skill levels. Mast oscillations become more pronounced when trucks are loaded, necessitating constant vigilance to ensure proper load positioning to prevent the "chimney" effect.

The act of stacking or retrieving loads at great heights carries the risk of mast sway and loss of control, potentially leading to collisions. Such accidents are costly and hazardous, slowing down work processes, elevating stress levels for operators, and increasing safety concerns for all personnel in the workplace.

To alleviate the strain on high-reach vehicles and their operators, Linde has introduced a groundbreaking Dynamic Mast Control system, leveraging Linde's Electric Reach Drive technology.

How does it function?

At the heart of this innovative solution lies a sophisticated and sensitive intelligent Reach System housed within the vehicle's motor compartment. Sensors positioned at the mast's apex detect any oscillations, while measurement units ascertain the lift height of the vehicle and the load weight. The data collected is transmitted to the Electric Reach Drive, which the Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) system utilizes to counteract and minimize mast oscillations and deflections through seamless, efficient, and rapid movements of the reach carriage. The outcome is a smoother, more efficient, and safer method of handling loads at various levels, eliminating the need to wait for the mast to stabilize before continuing operations.

Linde's Dynamic Mast Control guarantees faster and more efficient cycle times, fostering a safer and more productive working environment with reduced accident risks.

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