Benefits of Incorporating an Order Picker Into Your Operations

21 Mar 2024


Anyone overseeing warehouse or retail operations understands that maximizing space and streamlining processes are essential for achieving growth and profitability.

This is precisely why incorporating an order picker into your operations can be incredibly beneficial. Designed to reach considerable heights and maneuver through narrow passages effortlessly, an order picker stands out as a valuable asset for any workplace.

Currently, the Linde MV01 Series 8905 electric order picker, known for its unparalleled maneuverability and efficiency, is available at an affordable price.

Performance of the MV01 Order Picker:

Compact yet versatile, the MV01 serves as a versatile support vehicle capable of tackling a diverse range of tasks within the workplace. Its stable mast design facilitates lifting to heights of up to three meters, providing a remarkable total picking height of 4.6 meters.

The MV01's compact construction, coupled with power steering, ensures smooth operation even in confined spaces and when navigating corners. Operators benefit from the ability to drive and lift simultaneously, significantly enhancing productivity. Additionally, the robust DC motor enables speeds of up to 6.5 km/h unloaded (five km/h loaded), further boosting efficiency.

Powered by a long-lasting 24-volt Lithium-ION battery, the MV01 boasts a user-friendly integrated charger, enabling quick and hassle-free recharging during brief breaks, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. Moreover, the maintenance-free battery, coupled with its management system, ensures consistent high performance and prolonged lifespan.

Comfort Features of the MV01 Order Picker:

The MV01 prioritizes operator comfort with its spacious cab offering ample room for operators to work comfortably while maintaining optimal visibility of their surroundings and cargo. All control elements are ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and operational efficiency.

A multifunctional display provides operators with vital information such as battery status, error codes, and maintenance alerts, while intuitive power steering and exceptional maneuverability minimize driver fatigue and strain.

Safety Measures of the MV01 Order Picker:

True to Linde's commitment to safety, the MV01 electric order picker comes equipped with a comprehensive array of safety features. Operators can rest assured knowing that the order picker will only operate when the control unit is gripped, and the double foot switch is engaged.

Additional safety features include automatic speed reduction when the platform is raised, warning lights to enhance pedestrian visibility, and cab doors that automatically lock during platform elevation, ensuring the operator's safety and security at all times.

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